Nutrition Education

The Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project seeks to reduce stunted growth among infants aged 6 months and above in

Ghana by developing and commercializing a nutritional supplement product.

 "KOKO Plus" is a protein and micro-nutrient powder to be added to any complementary foods. Adding 1 sachet of “KOKO Plus” to complementary foods significantly improves the nutrient content of the foods. The main ingredient is selected soya bean harvested in Ghana. KOKO Plus is a nutritional food supplement given to babies from 6 months to 5 years.

“KOKO Plus” is recommended to all parents who wish for their baby’s healthy growth.

Preparation of KOKO Plus

Step 1.

Prepare Koko or any food for the baby.


Add 1 sachet of KOKO Plus to already cooked food for baby such as tom brown, rice porridge, mashed yaw, mpoto-mpoto, soup or stew, etc.

Step 3.

Stir well to dissolve and serve to baby.

KOKO Plus should not be eaten raw. It should NOT be cooked. It should only be added to already prepared meal for the baby.



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