Why is the product not sold at the Health facilities?

Answer: GHS rules does not allow or encourage selling within any of their facilities, selling at health facilities is Prohibited.

Can KOKO Plus be taken raw?

Answer: its possible, but KOKO Plus is a food Supplement and to get the full benefits it must be added to already prepared meal.

How many Sachets a day should the product be taken?

Answer: Should be stored in a cool dry area. If you are unable to finish using it, fold it nicely, put it in a small plain plastic bag and tie it.

Why can’t the nurses sell the products?

Answer: GHS nurse are not allowed to engage in selling. The products are sold close to health facilities so nurses are only supposed to direct consumers to the shops or outlets that product are sold.

Can it be given to children above 2 years?

Answer: Yes, 2 years to 5 years can also eat meal with KOKO Plus added but the crucial stage is from 6 months to 2 years.

Can it be given to babies below 6 months who have already started eating?

Answer: its possible but we don’t encourage it because we want mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding.